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Greatly gives you more control over restaurant recommendations by prioritizing your own taste profile and the favorites of your selected experts. Become an early beta user now.


Your benefits

More Control Over Recommendations

Greatly focuses on what really matters, your experience. You select your recommenders, your dietary preferences, or other search categories. 

Personalized Discovery Experience

You are unique and with Greatly you will finally have a profile that reflects that, guaranteeing a fantastic experience every time.

Skip Tourist Traps For Local Gems

Tourist Traps will become a thing of the past thanks to your personalized profile. Discover the best any city has to offer.


Features at a glance



Finally a profile that reflects who you really are, making sure that every experience will be amazing. From selecting your trusted sources to dining preferences over search categories, it is you who defines what will shape your tasty experiences.



The best recommendations are not from foreigners or bots, but from people you trust. Select your experts from a range of friends, chefs, bloggers and instagrammers and discover a filtered and fine list of restaurants, food trucks and bars with reliable feedback. 


You discovered a great place you would like to recommend to a friend? Share it in just one click to anyone, the app is not required.



With Greatly your profile is more than a mere setting for recommendations. It is a world of discoveries, of bucket lists and countries. Explore what parts of the world you have already enjoyed, and what nations and cities are waiting to welcome you.



Get ready for your next adventure in a game-changing way. Save your experts' favorite restaurants to your itinerary for the city. Once arrived, you will have all of your trips details and best restaurants in one single overview, making the experience more seamless than you could have ever imagined.

Greatly recommendations

How it works

We believe that good places are not only defined by a high count of positive reviews from strangers. Greatly allows you to follow friends, experts and bloggers that you trust the most when it comes to food. Greatly is linking individuals with similar taste profiles and prioritizes their recommendations over those of strangers. Greatly also cares about your dietary preferences. By allowing to customize your own taste profile, Greatly can sort and filter results accordingly.

Step 1


You will be sent an invite to join our exclusive group of early members that will be allowed to help shape the future of Greatly. Don't worry, signup is free and takes less than a minute.

Step 2


Once we will have launched, search for a city and the recommendations from your experts will appear. Browse through them and decide which ones you would like to save. 

Step 3


Your great experience is not over yet. Make it resonate with you and your network through the Greatly sharing function. Only one click, but endless memories. 


What our customers say

Susan Dave

Finally I don't have to ask around for recommendations in my community. Greatly enables me to benefit from the experience of my bloggers and favorite restaurants whenever I am on the road.

Valentina Doe

I love browsing online for new restaurants in my hometown and for travels. But many of the suggestions on search engines turn out to be a disappointment. With Greatly those disappointments are finally over, and browsing for new places is just so much more fun.

Tim Fields

I am travelling a lot for business and don't have the time to search for great places to dine, so I often end up at the chains because I know what to expect. Greatly is showing me the best restaurants near me, allowing me to explore local businesses with the same if not even superior quality.

Greatly's Facets

Join us as one of our early beta users

Help us with your feedback, get exclusive insights into our progress and be the first to know when we release in early 2019. We will always keep your personal information private and only use it to keep you updated with our progress of Greatly.




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